Our Services

Legal consulting

Legal assistance in the corporate, business, trade, international trade, commercial, shareholding, financial, taxation, customs, labor, family and inheritance law areas

Protection of intellectual property rights

Litigation during the bankruptcy process

Contract negotiations and legal support of transactions

Registration of legal entities and private entrepreneurs

Changing of participants/shareholders, shares/stocks, amending the charter and other data

Registration of the brand name, trade mark and service mark

Carrying out licensing and certification processes

Law on obligations, compensation of damages, insurance indemnity, funds seizure

Protection of interests of a company in state and local governments and organizations

Representation during corporate and arbitration disputes

Administration services and appeals against administrative acts of administrative bodies

Drawing up civil and administrative claims and complaints and litigation in all RA court instances

Representation of interests of legal entities and private individuals at the judiciary acts enforcement stage

Study and assessment of legal risks of the company activity (drawing up a conclusion)